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About SuperGrad

SuperGrad is one of the leading graduate recruitment firms in London, but there are many graduate recruitment companies out there so why should you choose to secure your dream graduate job through us? Assuming you are looking for an awesome graduate job in London, below are some of the key reasons why SuperGrad should be your first port of call. Apply now.

  • Find Your Perfect Match

  • Ace Your Interview

  • Work With The Most Respected Firms

  • Work With The Central London Specialist

  • Train To Be The Best

  • Earn More

Buck The Trend – Be Successful

It is generally accepted that two thirds of graduates entering sales and recruitment jobs will fail and exit within 6-9 months. Our data is different. Almost all those who secure their graduate job through SuperGrad succeed, with many becoming the industry superstars of the future. Apply now.

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Find Your Perfect Match

Most graduate recruitment firms run assessment centres where it's easy to get lost in a big group. At SuperGrad we meet all candidates face-to-face and take the time to get to know you. Result: you are introduced only to those sales or recruitment firms that are a great fit and where you will ultimately thrive. Apply now.


Work With The Most Respected Firms

We work with the leading firms in many sectors across sales and recruitment, from digital and technology through to finance, law and marketing. These dynamic businesses trust us to locate the graduate talent they need and offer a highly progressive environment where you can build a exciting and successful career. Apply now.


Ace Your Interview

We meet great candidates all day long, but unfortunately most do not sell themselves as effectively as they could. SuperGrad provides a huge amount of support through one-to-one coaching, training and mentoring, to ensure you are at your best in your interviews. Result: you are able to land your dream graduate job, providing the foundation for a trailblazing career. Apply now.


Work With The Central London Specialist

Most of the highest performing firms are located in the City or other central parts of London. SuperGrad is located in cool modern offices right by London Bridge Station (Jubilee & Northern lines, and national rail services). Result: get to us easily, and to our clients after your interview coaching sessions! Apply now.


Train To Be The Best

High-level sales and recruitment can be extremely competitive and challenging, and even good candidates sometimes struggle to progress quickly. SuperGrad delivers innovative training before you start in your graduate job, giving you a huge competitive advantage and the ability to drive results from day 1. Apply now.


Earn More

In recruitment and sales the potential to earn money is very substantial, but most people do not make the most of this opportunity. SuperGrad will help you secure a graduate job with one of the highest performing firms, give you all the support you need to fully embrace your new role, helping you to maximise your earning potential. Apply now.